With Pijl Audio's complete car package you can be sure of quality and performance always. Our automotive business has been serving clients for the last 16 years. Our highly trained and qualified technicians specially focused in automotive electronics installation will provide customer care and maintenance support. Our exclusive mini-site is located at Pijl near Frankfurt. Our highly trained staff is always ready to provide you with all the information you need, advice and service. We offer free online quotes and advanced technology solutions to guarantee that you are offered the best solution for your car electronic needs.

We offer portable car systems that range from the simplest, low-cost car systems to high-end car systems that offer remarkable and innovative features. Our highly qualified technicians specially focus on car systems development. We offer technical solutions that range from maintenance and repair to data and sound systems and everything in-between.

We are the leaders in the car audio installation and repair industry. We are forward-thinking and innovative industry leaders. We combine addressing the needs of the most discerning automotive customers with leading-edge technology solutions and extensive service solutions to meet their wireless and computer needs.

Repair, maintenance and upgrading are our specialties. We develop and manufacture all types of car audio equipment and computer and monitor solutions for diesel as well as automotive electronics beginners. Car audio equipment includes booth, headsocks, cables, connectors and other car parts. We equip our customers with these products and services and also give them technical assistance and technical support.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians specially focus on servicing diesel engines. Our advanced wireless and computer solutions help you to save time and energy while in the process of the car audio repairs and maintenance. This is a perfect smoke and vaporizer that helps to eliminate unwanted and unwanted noises while driving or riding any vehicle. With the technological advancements in today's cars, a mechanic has become the king of your car repair and maintenance problems. The improved air flow of the car engine as well as the absorptive nature of the muffler help the car to breathe while on the move. The oxidization, stained spark plugs, corroded connectors and faulty voltage condenser that may happen as a result of the passing of current can prove to be very destructive for the electrical systems of the car.

The car audio system of the future can also be a source of excellent illumination. Energy consumption and battery life can be significantly affected during accelerated music playing. Our highly upgraded stereo systems now play all types of music types. They include Ticket To Immune, Live CD and MP3 stereo systems, XM® Radio, Internet radio, automatic station reception, satellite radio and dozens of other categories. The car audio can be a source of excellentensing that enhances performance of both the car audio system and the computer of the car.

Car audio can sometimes be the cause of unknown dips or spikes in the electrical systems of the vehicle. They can pose as a cause of unexpected breakdowns in the electrical systems and as a result can cause numerous problems ranging from slight cranking errors to major malfunctions. Car audio can be experienced as a source of annoyance in the car. However, an alternative solution is to install state-of-the-art audio systems in the car. To meet this need we offer the AudioConsulting Service Department (ask-car-audio-consulting.com) which is accessible 24/7.